3 Types of Rooftop Guardrails

Whether you’re planning on installing a roof guard rail as an actual physical barrier, or as a deterrent against forced entry, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is that it’s very easy for an object to simply get hung up on the rail when it’s not securely fastened down. Even a tree branch that has been neatly clipped can become an unstoppable force if it’s not tied down. Fortunately, most models can be secured with strong cable and clamp systems and a short, sturdy rope – making it impossible to just let it swing away at your property.

Roofing and building maintenance professionals also recommend using rooftop safety rails. These are often installed with clamps to secure the individual strands of metal together. The system uses a cable to detect the weakest wire on an object and clamp it down. If that same wire becomes weakened, the clamps are released and the guard rail then snaps back into position. The cable is often designed to break after a certain amount of stress, making it nearly impossible to damage.

This type of guard rail is perfect for smaller buildings and homes. It can also be used for higher buildings, but those installations are usually reserved for commercial properties and multi-story residences. It’s important that it properly anchors to the building as well. A typical solution is to drill a hole in the outer wall and use stainless steel bolts to attach the guard rail to that. However, that option leaves holes in the roof that could compromise the roof system if left unchecked.

Roof racks are another alternative to cluttering up the roof. These racks use an aluminum cable that attaches to the guardrail and can be secured to the surface with screws or anchors. These systems require a little more work in the installation, but the ease of maintenance makes them a popular choice. Additionally, they often include a backup battery so that power outages don’t affect the performance of the railing.

The final type of safety railing is the retractable top guard rail. This type of railing is perfect for multi-story residences or buildings. Rather than having to drill into the roof like other options, this one simply needs to be rolled up and hung from the guardrail. They’re easy to install and can easily be disassembled when needed.

All three types of options offer the homeowner a variety of options when it comes to protecting their home and their belongings. They all provide a measure of security, but only one offers a true barrier. For added protection, homeowners should consider purchasing and installing a solar light protector. With a light already installed, there is no need to block off the roof with a guard rail. Solar lights can also help keep out the morning sun during the colder months. Check out this related post to get more enlightened on the topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handrail.

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